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The Good

MeetingZone are one of the longest running audio conference call providers in the UK that offer a whole host of addon services such as video, screen share, WebEx & Skype for Business integration.

Being one of the longest running conference call providers, MeetingZone are well established with a well rounded service, including; 24/7 support, passcode security, domestic & international coverage, as well as online management, online recordings and the ab9ility to easy join calls via Outlook.

The Bad & Ugly

For some of the reason why MeetingZone have some solid positives, it is also the reason for their biggest negative; cost.

While cost shouldn’t be the ‘be all and end all’ of selecting a conference call provider, unfortunately, we find the MeetingZone are consistently one of the highest priced conference call providers when compared to other services that are just as good that find themselves in the top 10 list.


MeetingZone have a solid service that’s second to none, so if you are already with MeetingZone, we would recommend weighing up the pros and cons of moving to a new provider (where cost savings are paramount), but if you are yet to select a provider, it would probably be best to look elsewhere first.

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