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“Make genuinely free conference calls in the UK using your bundled minutes. Calls to WHYPAY? are included in your available minutes under Ofcom regulations!”

And that’s why we love WhyPay! As we point out from time to time, when conference call companies bang on about giving you a free conference service, it usually means anything but. However, with WhyPay, it’s exactly what they say: genuinely free… well, with some exceptions…

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So, we love WhyPay because, as noted on their website, if you have a mobile contract, the phone numbers your dial in to make use of your monthly inclusive minutes. Great, right? The savings versus a “free conference call service” can be breathtakingly awesome:

How come we rate WhyPay in position number 10 if we sing their praises so much? Don’t get us wrong, if you’re on a mobile contract that has plenty of inclusive minutes for ’03’ numbers, then fantastic! However, what about your participants? Can you always ensure they are using mobile phones with such inclusive minute perks, or will they be left with picking up a larger bill?

Then of course there’s the inability to host international conference calls at the same free rate. It’s not WhyPay’s fault and perhaps other countries mobile contract will offer such a service that WhyPay can tap in to, but for now, if you have international customers, WhyPay is probably a big no-no.

Lastly, but not least, this isn’t an issue if you’re just after audio conference calling, but if you want a  few bills and whistles that make conference calls just that little bit more productive, then you may want to look elsewhere.

Conclusions; if you are a heavy user of conference calling via mobile phones, coming away from a “free” service such as PowWowNow or FreeConferenceCalls, then moving to WhyPay would be ideal. If this isn’t your user case, then you may want to look at our full top 10 conference call provider list.

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